Trondheim, Norway

Cobots in Agile Production: Redefining the Future of Human-Robot Interaction

The fifth and last Robotics4EU Agile production workshop,co-organized with SINTEF is about to take place on the 21st of  November 2023, in Trondheim (Norway), and you’re invited!


Close to Trondheim? Come join our workshop!

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About the event

In the realm of robotics for agile production, human-robot collaboration is becoming a prominent trend.

The introduction of Cobots into the shop floor could enhance working conditions for humans while increasing efficiency and productivity, even more so when Cobots are integrated with low-code or no-code solutions that increase direct interaction with workers. This innovation might revolutionize the future of agile production, however, it comes with important challenges: questions around safety of workers and human-experience are fundamental to ensure a responsible adoption of Cobots in agile production. 

So if you’re around Trondheim, come join our last workshop scheduled from 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM CET, on the 21st of November, followed by a networking lunch

The workshop co-organized with SINTEFCobots in Agile Production: Redefining the Future of Human-Robot Interaction”, offered in face-to-face format, is designed to offer a platform for expert talks and open discussions among stakeholders from the robotics community. 

The primary focus of this workshop will revolve around the effects of Cobots on the human-experience and trends and challenges of the use of Cobots in the agile production sector. The workshop will also include demo presentations of low-code and no-code robot solutions!

Participants will be invited to reflect upon their experience and provide feedback on the Robotics4EU’s Responsible Robotics Compass in an interactive session. 

Keynote Speakers: 

  • Federico Manzi, Researcher, Department of Psychology, Catholic University of Sacred Heart, Milan.

Federico Mazi is a researcher at the Catholic University of Sacred Heart in Milan, with expertise in Theory of Mind development and human-robot interaction, collaborating with national and international universities. He holds two doctorates in Psychology and Person and Formation Science.

  • Fabio Sgarbossa, Full Professor of Industrial Logistics, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, NTNU.

Fabio Sgarbossa’s research primarily focuses on the design and management of industrial and service system design, production management, supply chains, and logistics innovation. He has extensive international publications and contributions to conferences, including a visiting researcher stint at Rutgers University.

09.30h – 09.45h CET Welcome & Introduction 
09:50 – 10:10 CET Keynote 1: Federico Manzi, Theory of Mind 
10:10 – 10.15h CET Q&A 
10.15 – 10.35h CET Keynote 2: Fabio Sgarbossa  
10.35 – 10.40h CET Q&A
10.40 – 10.50h CET Break 
10.50 – 11.05h CET Presentation of examples 
11.05 – 11.15h CET Presentation of RoboCompass
11.15 – 11.45h CET Group work
11.45 – 12.00h CET Plenary discussion


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