Communicating innovation: What can we do better?

Have you ever seen a bridge collapse on TV? We only care about inspection and maintenance if it does not work. However, its implications and the new robotics applications are not always perceived with their due magnitude.

In this line, the adoption of robotics has become a vibrant topic not only in the technical realm but also in societal and political discussions and the subject matter of this workshop. We will speak about safety concerns, socio-economic impact, engagement of communities, and regulatory frameworks that are becoming defining factors on the road to successful robotics adoption. In other words, during the workshop we will discuss how the innovation uptake should be supported by effective communication of innovations: explaining the benefits, tackling risks and fears and openly communicating the challenges ahead, taking them closer to the general public. On the other side, we will inquire how can needs of society be communicated and addressed better to policymakers or companies through innovations.

These and more questions will be tackled by innovation & communication experts. Also, successful innovation communication cases in the field of robotics in inspection and maintenance will be presented by the innovators!

These and more questions will be tackled by innovation & communication experts more questions will be tackled by innovation & communication experts Marta Palau Franco and Juan Antonio Pavón Losada. Also, the recipe for successful innovation communication in the field of robotics in inspection and maintenance will be presented by Carlos Matilla, CEO of FuVeX!

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Join this interactive workshop organised by Robotics4EU, RIMA Network & RI4EU  where we will explore how the landscape of innovation & communication can be strengthened and how it can help the adoption of robotics in I&M.

Date: May 25, 2022
Time: 11:00 – 13:00 CET


About the speakers:

Carlos Matilla Codesal is the CEO and co-founder of FuVeX. FuVeX is a start-up whose mission is to replace manned helicopters with long-range drones in power line inspection and other aerial data capture operations. Carlos will share how not to bore to the death your audience while talking about robotics. 

Juan Antonio Pavón Losada, is a Project Manager Assistant at PRISMA Lab in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the University of Naples Federico II. He works on the internal and external design and management of European projects’ communication and dissemination plans including digital communication, event management and media relations. Juan will speak about how to build trust, reliability and a good reputation in the domain of inspection and maintenance. You can contact Juan at j.pavon@euronautas.com

Marta Palau Franco, is an electronics engineer, oceanographer, and project officer at euRobotics aisbl where she works on projects on Digital Innovation. She was previously project manager of EU-funded projects on robotics competitions, and a member of the Science Communication Unit at the University of the West of England, Bristol, and the Bristol Robotics Laboratory. She is a STEM Ambassador and a contributor to the well-known robotics portal Robohub.org. Marta will talk about different audiences for innovation communication and how social context and perception can affect the way we communicate innovative technologies.

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