Versailles, France

Robotics4EU at the AI, Data, and Robotics Forum: Workshop on Enhancing Responsible Robotics in Europe

It is with great pleasure that the Robotics4EU project will be one of the exhibitors present at the AI, Data, Robotics Forum, taking place in Versailles, France, from 08-09 November 2023. In addition to our exhibit, Robotics4EU will be organizing the workshop “Enhancing Responsible Robotics in Europe: The Role of Policy and Industry” on the 9th of November. Throughout ADRF we will be showcasing an engaging VR exhibition and the newest Responsible Robotics Compass tool in room Renoir.

About the workshop

The  workshop “Enhancing Responsible Robotics in Europe: The Role of Policy and Industry” aims to focus on responsible robotics, a critical aspect for Europe’s global standing in robotics. This 90-minute workshop, from 10h45 to 12h15,  will explore the ethical and social dimensions of AI-based robotics and the importance of societal acceptance. We’ll bring together industry leaders, policymakers, and robotics ethics experts.

We aim to translate discussions into actionable steps for policymakers and industry, integrating ethical and societal considerations into the robotics life cycle. This event encourages collaboration among participants from these sectors, facilitating knowledge exchange and joint efforts to address the ethical and social implications of AI-based robotics.

The workshop will:

  • Highlight the need to champion responsible AI-based robotics for Europe’s global positioning.
  • Address key ethical and societal issues arising from AI and Data integration and robotics’ physicality.
  • Discuss practical steps for policymakers to embed ethical and societal assessments in the robotics life cycle.
  • Present tools for the robotics community to tackle legal, societal, and ethical challenges.

Where? AI, Data, Robotics Forum, Versailles (France)

When? 9th of November, 10h45 – 12h15, room “Amphi Turing”


10h45 -11h
15 min
Introduction of the workshop and Robotics4EU project
11h – 11h30
30 min
Presentations by the speakers
11h30 – 12h05
40 min
Panel discussion
12h05 – 12h15
10 min
Audience engagement and conclusions

Workshop speakers

  • Prof. Dr. Philip A.E. Brey, professor of philosophy and ethics of technology at the University of Twente
  • Cem Gulec, Programme and Policy Officer – Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, at the European Commission
  • Dr. Susanne Bieller, General Secretary at the International Federation of Robotics (IFR)
  • Prof. Dr. Juha Röning, Professor of Embedded System at the University of Oulu

About the stand

Meet us at our booth so you get to know us and the project a bit more. Don’t miss the chance to experience our Virtual Reality Exhibition, where you will be able to see some amazing robots from several companies through a 3D experience. Also, get to know (and to test) in first hand our newly-created Responsible Robotics Compass.

Know more about this workshop HERE and register for the event HERE.

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