Robotics4EU at ERF 2024 with workshop, the RoboCompass, and a VR Exhibition!


 It is with great pleasure that the Robotics4EU project will be one of the exhibitors present at the European Robotics Forum (ERF) in Rimini, Italy, from 13-15 March 2024. In booth number 26 we will be showcasing our newest tool RoboCompass, as well as the VR Exhibition. In addition to our exhibit, Robotics4EU will be organizing the workshop “Implementing Responsible Robotics Ready for Society”, on the 13th of March in Faro room.


About the workshop

The workshop, centred on the theme of “Responsible Robotics”, entitled “Implementing Responsible Robotics Ready for Society”, will take place on 13th March 2024, from 12h to 13h20 CET in Faro Room, and it will offer a comprehensive and engaging experience for participants, who will be able to provide valuable insights into implementing Responsible Robotics.

It commences with a detailed presentation, showcasing key results and policy recommendations in the field of robotics. This presentation sets the foundation for the rest of the workshop. Following this, an interactive and dynamic discussion game is introduced. This game is specially designed to stimulate thought-provoking conversations among participants, focusing on the non-technical aspects of robot development, and addressing challenges and barriers.

The workshop concludes with a focus on promoting the use of an online self-assessment tool for responsible robotics. This tool is the Responsible Robotics Compass (RoboCompass), the recent result of the Robotics4EU project. This is an innovative tool designed to assess the acceptability of robots in society. Whether you are a robotics manufacturer, a small or large company, a researcher from industry or academia, or even an EU-funded project or policymaker, RoboCompass is here to help you.

The workshop promises a blend of theoretical knowledge, interactive learning, and practical tools, making it a valuable experience for anyone interested in empowering Responsible Robotics.

Where? European Robotics Forum (ERF), Rimini (Italy)

When? 13th March 2024, from 12h00 to 13h20 CET, in Faro Room 


12:00 – 12:05  Introduction
12:05 – 12:15 Presentation of Key Results from the Project
12:15 – 12:22 How can we work towards developing responsible robots? 

Presentation of practical tools 

12:22 – 12:52 Lightning Talks from our guest speakers

Introduction to the guest speakers:

  1. Filippo Cavallo, Associate Professor in Biomedical Robotics, Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Florence
  2. Angel Dacal Nieto, Factory of the Future Area Manager at CTAG.
  3. Ali Muhammad, Head of DIH2 network
  4. Aksel Andreas Transeth, Acting Researcher Manager, Sintef Digital (euRobotics member)
  5. Gabor Sziebig, Research Manager, Sintef Manufacturing AS (euRobotics member)
12:52 – 13:16 Panel Discussion
13:16 – 13:20 Wrap up


About the stand and VR Exhibition

Meet us at booth 26 so you can get to know us and the project a bit more. Don’t miss the chance to experience our Virtual Reality Exhibition, where you will be able to see some amazing robots from several companies through a 3D experience. In addition, we will have available a showcasing of our newest resource, the Responsible Robotics Compass (RoboCompass), an innovative tool from the Robotics4EU project, which assists robotics companies in assessing the non-technological aspects of their robots.


About ERF 2024

The European Robotics Forum 2024 (ERF2024), the most influential meeting of the robotics community in Europe, will be held from 13 – 15 March in Rimini, Italy. The ERF2024 covers all aspects and current themes related to the field of robotics. 

Researchers, engineers, managers, and a growing number of entrepreneurs, business people, and public funding officers from all over Europe come together to discuss technology push and market pull and how innovation in robotics and robotics-related AI can be accelerated.

More about ERF2024 here


More information will be available shortly! So stay tuned for more🤖

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