Robotics4EU at European Robotics Forum 2023

The Robotics4EU project was present in many different moments at the European Robotics Forum (ERF) 2023, that took place in Odense, Denmark,  13th to 16th March.

At our booth, where we showcased the project’s latest results and outcomes, visitors were also able to experience the Robotics4EU’s VR Exhibition, an immersive experience that provided an inside look at the latest robotics technologies developed by different companies.

We are also thrilled to share that the co-creation workshop “Piloting a Maturity Assessment Model for Robotics in Europe”  was successfully completed during the event, on March 15th.

This co-creation workshop aimed to further advance the Maturity Assessment Model (MAM) developed by the Robotics4Eu project, and brought together ICT-46 projects under a common cause. These are projects designing robots for use in various sectors, such as agriculture, manufacturing and maintenance.

The workshop began with a welcome from Anneli Roose (PI of Robotics4EU) and presentation videos from ICT-46 projects. Anne Kalouguine then provided an introduction to the MAM, a tool that assesses the level of social acceptability of robots, currently under development by Robotics4EU and LNE.

The application of the MAM and co-creation session focused on applying it to the robots presented. These were DrapeBot, FLEXIGROBOTS, ODIN, and ROBS4CROPS, from the ICT-46 projects.

The workshop was moderated by Dr. Roger A. Søraa, NTNU. The participants were divided into small groups and then introduced to exciting robots currently in development. After that, they provided input for how the MAM can be practically implemented by developers and companies, bringing interdisciplinary and intersectoral discussions on how robots can be made more responsible for society.

We would like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth, experienced the VR exhibition and participated in our co-creation workshop.

See you very soon at the next event!

Authors: Joana Martinheira (LOBA) & Dr. Roger A. Søraa (NTNU)

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