Robotics4EU Maturity Assessment Model - We want responsible robots, and we want them properly qualified

Based on desk research and massive consultation of all stakeholders, Robotics4EU works towards the development of a maturity assessment model.

The model will be presented as an analysis grid on the maturity of robots, based on description, statements and measurements that are performable by any concerned stakeholder. For example, a potential buyer would have clear indicators on which to rely before purchasing; designers would have a checklist for development to maximize the adoption of their robots.

Several questions are addressed in the project. In the first place, what does “mature” mean? This notion could cover legal compliance, safety, unbiasedness, efficiency for its task… The full list of parameters must be explored, and the selection must be made based on both their relevance and “measurability”. Another question addressed concerns the incentives to use a robotic maturity score: it may be linked to economic considerations, regulatory requirements, or ethical concerns? In any case, the parameters of the model must match the needs of the community. Who are the stakeholders around this maturity score?

In other words, we explore who would need such a score (manufacturers, supervisory entities, end users), and would be required to compute it (an internal inspection performed by the manufacturer, or an external inspection by a third party). To put it briefly, the project explores the “why” and the “how” of a maturity score for responsible robotics.

The exploration will go on throughout the project; feel free to contact us and take part to our many events, share your experience and knowledge about robotics adoption and maturity.

Do you want to know more about the Robotics4EU Maturity Assessment Model? Check THIS public report for further details.

Author: Agnes Delaborde, LNE

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