VR Exhibition Welcomes Four New Pioneering Companies!

The Virtual Reality (VR) exhibition that has been captivating audiences over the past years has reached new heights with the addition of four remarkable companies: AGREENCULTURE, Orbiba Robotics, WPS, and I AM. These innovative enterprises join a prestigious lineup, bringing the total count to 17 companies, making the VR exhibition a must-visit digital space.

The Evolution of VR Excellence:

The VR exhibition has been a beacon of immersive experiences, providing a virtual platform for citizens to explore cutting-edge robotics and technology companies operating in Europe. Beyond its primary value of delivering enjoyment and accessibility, the exhibition has become a hub for fostering collaborations, partnerships, and promotional opportunities for businesses.

The numbers speak volumes about the exhibition’s success, with around 12,500 visitors and 3 permanent digital spaces showcasing the prowess of 17 leading companies. An impressive total of 89 robotics companies were approached, reflecting the significant impact and acceptance within the Robotics4EU community.

Meet the New Stars of the VR Showcase:

I AM: The I.AM. project, funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, is making waves with its focus on torque-controlled robots capable of impact-aware manipulation in dynamic semi-structured logistic environments.

AGREENCULTURE: Revolutionising agriculture through autonomous technology, AGREENCULTURE designs, develops, and produces autonomous solutions for crop management operations, leveraging high-precision geo-positioning and artificial intelligence.

Orbiba Robotics: A high-tech company dedicated to empowering organic farmers with innovative, green small robots that provide the easiest regenerative farming experience globally.

WPS: Specialising in time-saving solutions and technology, WPS focuses on hands-free growing in sectors like horticulture and plant phenotyping, providing innovative systems for reliable research results.

These new additions complement an already impressive roster of companies, each contributing to the VR exhibition’s success and the advancement of the Robotics4EU community.

Explore the Future Today:

The VR exhibition continues to be a beacon of innovation, providing a glimpse into the future of robotics and technology. Don’t miss your chance to explore the virtual realms created by these groundbreaking companies and witness firsthand the evolution of the Robotics4EU community. 

Visit the VR Exhibition on the AI-on-Demand platform and be part of the digital revolution!

Author: Beatriz Correia (LOBA)

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