Responsible robotics virtual knowledge hub

The Robotics4EU platform will be built on the platform of the AI4EU project and will have as the main objective to mobilize the whole European AI ecosystem and create a space for the AI community to connect and work together, and will constantly be updated with information of the project’s ongoing activities and results.

What will you get?

Information in one place enabling wide-scale dissemination and visibility. Resources and bibliography from different platforms and projects will be gathered together.


Advice about non-technological aspects of robotics in all 4 priority areas. Robotics stakeholders from all priority areas and stakeholder groups will find tools and tips on how to consider ethics and legal aspects in their everyday practice in one place.


Assessment tool – the responsible robotics maturity assessment model that is under development, will be accessible on the platform.

This platform will act as an online meeting point for the European high-level robotics community, containing good practices and providing stakeholders with advice about non-technological aspects of robotics with a focus on (AI-based) robotics.

Coming Soon