Responsible Robotics Compass: Prepare your robot for the future

Welcome to the Responsible Robotics Compass, an innovative tool designed to assess the non-technological aspects of responsible robotics.

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The tool is made for:

  • Robotics manufacturers
  • Small or large companies
  • Researchers from industry or academia
  • EU-funded projects
  • Policymakers

This cutting-edge tool provides a comprehensive overview of the aspects that influence the robot’s acceptance . These aspects are categorized as follows:

  1. Socio-economic: Measure how the robot's development, deployment, and usage affect the society across different economic areas.
  2. Human Experience: Evaluate how the robot's presence impacts human well-being and trust, whether in professional or public settings.
  3. Environmental Impact: Assess the ecological footprint of the robot throughout its lifecycle.
  4. Legal: Gauge the risk of legal issues related to robot accountability, governance, and regulatory compliance.
  5. Data: Examine how the robot and its systems collect, manage, and utilise data.

What makes it unique

  • Constructed by the community and for the community.
  • Designed as a self-development tool through which you can track progress over time.
  • It offers recommendations and resources.
  • Utilizes a checkbox approach, making the addition of steps easy as we grow and adopt better best practices.

How to use

  • RoboProfile Setup

    Create an account and name the robot you would like to evaluate.

  • Priority Tweaking

    Customize priorities using sliders to align with your customer requirements and use cases.

  • Performance Analytics

    Access the assessment dashboard, select a category, and calculate your overall score.

  • Hazard Assessment

    Begin assessment with risk and mitigation questions, identifying hazards and measures implemented.

  • Risk Mitigation Analysis

    Access dedicated category dashboards for detailed risk and mitigation scores.

    Return to the main dashboard for an overview of your score and generate a detailed report. The report includes category/subcategory scores and personalised improvement recommendations, available for online viewing or PDF download.

Where to find

  • Available in the Innovation Section of the AI-on-Demand platform.
AIoD Innovation Section

Now you have everything you need to prepare for the future of robotics.

Find out if your robots are ready to be accepted by society.

Help us test the RoboCompass on the AI-on-Demand platform and take your innovation to the next level.

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